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Assessment on Concussions at the World Cup

All World Cup teams were told that their doctors are access to the video replaying to diagnose some injuries, including concussions. The chief medical official of the 2018 FIFA World Cup claimed that a doctor of a second team is entitled to watch the video to assess injuries in real time, providing assistance for on the spot diagnosis. The information is only a sign of FIFA attaching importance to technology, and the video assistant referees also will appear on the 2018 FIFA World Cup at the first attempt in June 2018.

The organization have made an improvement in treating head injuries on the spot in the event that footballers try to stay on the field after a concussion. As a representative of the 32 finalists in Russia, Michel D'Hooghe, Chairman of FIFA committee, have illustrated the matter briefly at meetings in a Black Sea resort of Sochi. He also says, “The new system will allow doctors reviewing a television screen, so that he can help doctors on the sport in making decisions.” For the clearer sights on situations on the scene, the doctor in front of monitor could make a more concrete judgment.

Following steps of professional rugby, the football would like to review conditions on the scene if case of any incidents. Doctors who responsible for medical treatment are glad at the news for more convenient and precise diagnosis. The new system is name as video assistant replay medical, a source revealed. It’s believed that doctors sitting on the flat level could not see some specific scenes. The system can compensate the shortcomings to a certain extent. Because some decisions on football fields shall be made in short time, so doctors have to diagnose footballers got injured. This may be the first World Cup introduce the new system, and it could suspend for three minutes, so that doctors could assess head injuries carefully in front of monitors.

“Most football players in Brazil insist on playing football games rather than give out games. In this case, it’s difficult to deal with the tricky condition. Now with the help of the replay video, doctors could solve the condition easier. The three-minute new rule will be a great chance for doctors to guarantee the effect of treatment effects. Doctors will gain more authority to assess the effect of a collision.

It’s is also beneficial to football players who are wounded on football pitch. After three minutes assessments, referees will take advice from doctors rather than consult the unconscious football player. When it comes to a severe condition, it’s doctors’ turn to make a decision.

Medical staff can also conduct treatment without saying a word with referee in case they suspect footballers of heart disease. If a football player fell down without any contact with others, doctors shall go on the football pitch in the instant. D'Hooghe said that the first two minutes were critical in the case. There will be severe events if they missed the two minutes.

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