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Excellent Footballer of England Side – Dele Alli

Mauricio Pochettino is a real supporter for the eminent football player in football kits UK. Considering both his overall ability and his age, the manager believes that Dele Alli is the best football player for his age. Compared with some footballers in his age, Leroy Sane, Kingsley Coman, Anthony Martial, Julian Weigl and Maxi Gomez failed to perform better than the 21-year-old Dele Alli.

Pochettino said that Dele Alli is the best footballer for his age. It’s true in the football field in the world. Now he even could not find one better player than him. Some believe that Sane, a Man City’s footballer, is also an excellent footballers, who have won eight league goals and providing assistance 11 times. But the Hotspur’s manager thinks Sane is no better than Alli last year. In terms of the remarks of these two footballers in the season, please allow me introduce more details at present.

Given specific conditions and their individual honors and accolades, only the 19-year-old PSG’s Kylian Mbappe could be compared with the 21-year-old Alli. Because the 19 years old has won 19 league goals, four more than those of Dele Alli. But Sane is not suitable to compare with these two footballers for his age – 22.

When asked something involving criticism and why Spurs expected more form Alli not Kane. Pochettino answered that Kane’s injury forced him out of football matches for a long time. The critical factor for Dele is our attitude. If we criticize him for his sub-par performances, he will be frustrated.

Taking his age and position on football pitch into consideration, Pochettino believe he is the best player in Europe and even in the world. He said that he could understood the criticism to him. He said the question is surprising. It’s certainly they expected more from Alli. It’s usual that a manager hope every football player could perform better on football pitches and winning more goals and accolades for his team. In the last ten minutes playing at Bournemouth, he was replaced for a tight groin. His manager connotes that he will be a potential footballer for FA Cup quarterfinal at Swansea on Saturday.

The attacking midfielder was selected as a football player for the forthcoming friendlies in Gareth Southgate’s England squad. Pochettino said he Alli was replaced for tight groin in the last ten minutes.

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