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France Away Shirt 2016

France publishes the entirely new football shirts manufactured by Aero Swift technology. Main color of France away shirt is white while it is attached with symbols showing the history of French football.

New away shirts take “tri-color flag” as a theme, following the design of home shirts in detail and in creation. The main body of shirt is white, and the left and right sleeves are red and blue respectively. “Speed is necessary for modern sports”, said Blaise Matuidi, “You are always trying to find your competitive edge as a player. New football shirts bring me unique feeling compared with previous shirts I’ve worn." Besides, new craftsmanship combines one-layer and two-layer weave together, improving breathability, flexibility and degree of comfort.

Inside and outside of football shirts are attached with symbols showing respects to national honors. National badges of the France national football team are printed on its surface through thermo-compression technology, and the word “France” is printed on the back of collar. The inside of sleeves is embroidered with “Fierte” and “Bleu”. Hexagonal drawings on shirts, surrounded by “Nos Differences Nous Unissent”, mean that France is a country full of diversity.

There are black stripes on both right and left side of football shirts. As players in a motion state, they’ll provide breathability while showing the bottom red design.

The main body of shirt is white and attach with red and blue sleeves. There are navy blue stripes on both right and left side of away shorts with baby-blue bottom design. There are threadlike drawings on the back of navy blue away shorts.

Each set of kit, including garment, shorts and socks, is made of recycled plastics, which is degraded into high-quality yarn and to be used as the main cloth of shirts. Each of them is made of 16 plastic bottle on average.

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