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The List of Latest Football Shirts of Several National Football Teams


Adidas and Russia Football Union (RFS) unveiled the brand new 2018 home football kit. Russia national football team will start their journey of FIFA World Cup as the host. The inspiration of the brand new football kit derived from previous great achievements, showing a powerful image of the host by combining retro with innovation.

At the final of the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, Olympic team of the former Soviet Union won the gold medal of Olympic Games once again with a 2-1 win over Olympic team of Brazil. So far, this is the last time for RFS to stand on the top of a world-class competition. Aspired by the historic victory, Adidas provided brand new football kits for the Russia national football team, reviving the classic image of football kits as they won the accolade of champion. Fierce red color, concise and striking white decorates and gold two-head eagle all emphasize the national honors of Russia.

The midfielder Denis Glushakov of Russia national football team said, “The new football kits remind us those great victories in the past years, and the modern technology in the process of manufacturing jersey is helpful for us to perform better in football matches.”

The interior of the collar is woven with tri-colored liner with white, blue and red, accompanying with gold two-head eagle pattern. All above details stands for the national image of Russia, and the slogan “Вместе К Победе” highlights the importance of unity.

What matched with the new red football shirt are white football shorts and tri-colored socks dyed with white, blue and red from top to bottom. The front of socks are knitted with word “Росси́я”.

Adidas takes the advantage of Climachill technology in design of new football kits for the first time, keeping the footballers on sports fields cool and dry as much as possible.


Adidas and Argentina Football Association (AFA) unveiled the brand new home football kits together. Many talented footballers like Lionel Messi will wear the new football kits to play football matches at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The detail inspiration is derived from the classic football kits in the 1990s, and the new Argentina football shirts are combined with advanced craftsmanship and innovative design. At the same time, the new football kits are also designed to celebrate the 125th anniversary from its establishment.

Adidas Senior Design Director Juergen Rank said. “Adidas created numerous products related to football, innovative technology and classic outlook. All these has become classics. The brand new Adidas football series created by us looks points with these classic products. Football fans, similar to football players, aspire to show loyalty to classics while pursuing brilliance. So, we meet the expectations from footballers and football fans, preserving classic elements in design and integrating into the cutting-edge technology at present.”

Since the latest winning at the 1993 American Cup up to now, decades of years have elapsed. The front and back of new football shits are all printed with three sky-blue stripes, accompanying with retrospective white pattern, V-shaped collar and purely white sleeves.

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