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Items eligible for return and replacement:

 1       If size of commodities you received are not in accord with designated size, we’ll deliver a new commodity in designated size to you free of charge.

2       If there are defects on commodities, please contact Customer Services within 7 calendar days; otherwise we’ll not agree on returns and replacements of commodities.

3       We’ll change commodities free of charge if received goods are not consistent with the ordered goods.

4       Before the delivery of commodities, please contact Customer Services in time if you want to change your size and style. 

Items not eligible for return and replacement:

1       Products are printed with number and name designated by customers.

2       No material malfunction of the Product.

3       There is customer induced damage found on the Product.

4       No obvious color difference of the Product (there is inevitable color differences between real objects and items on monitor).

5       More than 7 calendar days starting from the next day after receipt of the product has elapsed.

6       Return without original packaging and accessories.