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Sky-Blue Uruguay Home Kit at the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Different with the latest Uruguay home kit, the last year’s home football kit is totally different in design. Under the name of pure, graceful and elegant white football shirt condensed the essence of great Uruguay national football team, red and blue consists of the club crest on chest, advertisements and number on back shirt, forming a tricolor image familiar to all football fans. In the advertising video for 2017 home football kit, review the classic scenes of Rubén Sosa and Álvaro Recoba, symbolizing new and veteran footballers of the Uruguay national football team learn from each other.

Puma and Uruguayan Football Association unveiled the brand-new home football kit of Uruguay national football team together. The football club in sky-blue clothes will pull on the latest sky-blue Uruguay football kit 2018 at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in summer. Unique design depicting the famous “Sol de Mayo” aims at motivating football players running on the biggest stage in football.

In order to show the passion and enthusiasm, “Sol de Mayo” is integrated into the design of football kit in a notable manner. Aspiration of the pattern derives from the classic work of artist Carlos Paez Vilaró. The symbolic pattern will fire the strong proudness of the nation and incent the union of football players and football fans, conquering rivals on the biggest field in the world.

Pure sky blue reminds people two great moments of South American football – raising the trophies of world champions two times in 1930 and 1950 respectively. Redesigned club crest of Uruguay national football team was printed on chest proudly. Besides on behalf of two world champions, the four gold stars on the top of the club crest also represents two football champions of two Olympic Games host by the World Cup in 1924 and 1928.

Design details are also included into the design of new football kit. Five white stripes, four blue stripes and nine stripes on back collar are derived from the national flag of Uruguay. The nickname “La Celeste” is woven into interior of sleeves. Major tag “ELEQUIPOQUENOSUNE” is printed in interior of lower part, meaning the football club united all of us.

In addition, the brand new football kit adopted the evoKNIT Thermoregulation technology, which performs well in insulation, and can absorb moisture and lower temperature automatically. The technology can help footballers to keep ultimate temperature on football fields, providing guarantee for comfort and flexible activity with seamless structure.

When one observe it carefully, the design about heat radiation could be taken as the channel to adjust surface temperature of football player; the dry CELL technology can manage the moisture of body by taking the advantages of high performance fabric, discharging perspiration on surface of skin and keeping body cool and dry. All of this will be combined into the evoKNIT seamless structure, realizing two purposes – light and “the second-layer skin”; cloths will fit your body and not resist with you skin, which could satisfying more flexible actions on football fields.


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